Hanoi, Saigon are two cities regularly ranked in the top 10 most polluted cities in the world.

If you are working and living in Vietnam, air quality is one of the top elements that you should be concerned about. Please contact us now for an assessment of indoor air quality in homes.

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

Assessment index

Khong Khi Xanh will assess the following indicators based on AQI

  • Quality of air in your home and neighborhood.
  • Compared to the air quality at the same time in the city.
  • The most polluted air area and the cleanest air area in your home.
  • Provides solutions and equipments suitable for air condition.

Service price

The basic fee is 200.000 VND / 1 point

The number of points depends on the number of rooms and the room size

Please contact Mr Hien 0972 237 173 or email khongkhixanh.vn@gmail.com for more information.

Terms explanation

Air Quality Index (AQI)

Air Quality Index (AQI) is an index representing the concentration of a group of pollutants including CO, NO2, SO2, O3 and airborn particles. It indicates the quality of air in the roadside area or residential area in the city that affects the health of the people.

How Does the AQI Work?

Think of the AQI as a yardstick that runs from 0 to 500. The higher the AQI value, the greater the level of air pollution and the greater the health concern. For example, an AQI value of 50 represents good air quality with little potential to affect public health, while an AQI value over 300 represents hazardous air quality.

An AQI value of 100 generally corresponds to the national air quality standard for the pollutant, which is the level EPA has set to protect public health. AQI values below 100 are generally thought of as satisfactory. When AQI values are above 100, air quality is considered to be unhealthy-at first for certain sensitive groups of people, then for everyone as AQI values get higher.

AQI colors

EPA has assigned a specific color to each AQI category to make it easier for people to understand quickly whether air pollution is reaching unhealthy levels in their communities. For example, the color orange means that conditions are “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” while red means that conditions may be “unhealthy for everyone,” and so on.

AQI Color
AQI Color

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Hanoi Office: 467 Giai Phong Street, Phuong Liet Village, Thanh Xuan District

Ho Chi Minh Office: 72 Tran Ke Xuong Street, 3 Village, Binh Thanh District

Hotline: 0929 49 11940972 237 173

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Email: khongkhixanh.vn@gmail.com

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