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Stadler Form Air Purifier is a specialist for indoor climate and healthy air at home and the purity of indoor air is an important issue to us.

We have been working intensively on the purification of air for years.

The results of our research and efforts are the air purifiers Roger and Roger little, which can remove particle and gas pollution from the air with the help of the Dual Filter™.

What’s special, is the air quality display that is integrated on the front of the air purifiers. It shows the current air quality in the room at a glance.

Blue signifies good air quality, orange means medium air quality, and red stands for poor air quality.

If Auto mode is activated, Roger and Roger little control the intensity of the fans themselves so that the air always remains perfectly purified.

The life span of the filter is 8–12 months and a necessary change is indicated via the integrated filter display.

Both air purifiers are manufactured to high quality standards and are easy to clean.

The powerful motor ensures great air circulation and thus an excellent cleaning performance.


The Dual Filter™ from Stadler Form is a combined particle and gas filter. It has a multilayer construction.

A special fleece filter or HEPA filter is responsible for removing particles.

A layer of activated carbon adsorbs various gaseous pollutants from the air.

The advantage of the filter is that both filters have an even flow-through and thus high quantities of particles and gases are removed.

The handling is also very simple: just one single filter needs to be replaced after 8–12 months.


The air purifier Viktor dispenses with a classic HEPA filter and cleans the air using an electrostatic filter.

The advantage of this is that it is not necessary to purchase a new main filter, and only the prefilter and activated carbon filter need to be replaced.

The main filter (in this case the HPP filter) can simply be cleaned with water and hand soap.