Stadler Form Dehumidifier

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Experts recommend a relative humidity of 40 – 60% for a pleasant environment at home or work. If the humidity in the room is above 60% the air is classed as damp, which promotes mould growth. An air dehumidifier helps to reduce the damp air in the room to an optimal level and prevent mould forming in your home.

Moist air can cause bad odours in your home, dark marks on walls and window frames as well as water droplets on walls and windows.

If your damp laundry takes a long time to dry in the drying room, an air dehumidifier is the perfect solution. Room dehumidifiers support fast and energy-efficient laundry drying. A portable air dehumidifier has the advantage that you can use it in different rooms.

Stadler Form dehumidifier support the optimum environment in your rooms by drying the air, removing the moisture and reducing the humidity to a healthy level.